Jewish Community of Rome

Avelut (Mourning)

Avelut (Mourning) 1) When a person enters a state of agony, it will be their family’s responsibility to recite the prayers prescribed before death. Family members can ask for the assistance of a Rabbi. The Rabbinical Office is available for consultation and assistance 24 hours a day, excluding Saturdays and public holidays. 388 9976693 06 […]


Birth The birth of a boy or girl must be notified to the offices of the Community for all the fulfilments and interventions that this entails. The Milà The milà (circumcision) is not just an operative act, but the consecration of the covenant established between the people of Israel and God since the time of […]


F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions Access to tefillà for tourists In addition to the usual rules on appropriate clothing to a place of prayer, to access the synagogue you must: for men: covered head and long trousers; for women: covered shoulders, avoid low-cut dresses and short skirts. The Synagogue provides kippot, scarves and long trousers for […]

Kiryat Sefer Bookshop

Kiryat Sefer, the city of books, the only Jewish bookshop in Italy is the bookshop of the Jewish Community of Rome. It is located next to the Synagogue, in the heart of the Jewish quarter. Inside the shop, which also houses the Jewish Culture Center, you can find prayer books for weekdays, Shabbat and Jewish […]


Great Synagogue (Italian rite) Largo Stefano Gaj Taché (Sinagoga)00186 Roma Manhig: Rav Alberto Funaro 06 68400651/2 Spanish Synagogue (Sephardi rite) Largo Stefano Gaj Taché (Sinagoga)00186 Roma Manhig: Rav Jacov Di Segni 06 68400651/2 Oratorio Di Castro (Italian rite) Via Cesare Balbo, 3300184 Roma Manhig: Maskil Joseph Arbib Contact person: Eugenio Piperno 329 […]


Logo Cer

Jewish Community of Rome Welcome to the most ancient Jewish community in Europe Comunità Ebraica di Roma Benvenuti nella Comunità più antica d’Europa הקהילה היהודית של רומא ברוכים הבאים לקהילה הוותיקה ביותר באירופה The Jewish Community of Rome is a non-profit organization which provides and guarantees several services to its members. The Jewish Community of […]

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