Bar Mitzvà and Bat Mitzvà

Bar Mtzvà

The young Jew who reaches the age of 13 on a Jewish date takes on responsibility for the observance of the mitzvot and is called precisely for this Bar Mitzvà (literally son of the precept, that is, obliged to carry out the precepts).

Only those who after taking an exam in the presence of the Chief Rabbi or another Rabbi delegated by him, will be admitted to the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, will have demonstrated that they are seriously prepared for the required program.

Regardless of this, the obligation to put the mitzvot into practice becomes factual with the completion of the thirteenth year.

The Rabbinical Office, which must be contacted with plenty of notice, is available to provide information for preparing for the exams and the ceremony.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah party cannot be scheduled from the eve of Rosh Hashana to Kippur, from the end of Pesach until Lag Baomer and in the weeks between
17 of tammuz and 9 of av.

Bat Mitzvà

For girls, the obligation to observe the mizvot begins at the age of 12; girls too must arrive at the Bat Mitzvà ceremony with adequate preparation, taking an similar exam to that of boys.

Women are required to observe the mizvot with no less commitment than that of the man.

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