The birth of a boy or girl must be notified to the offices of the Community for all the fulfilments and interventions that this entails.

The Milà

The milà (circumcision) is not just an operative act, but the consecration of the covenant established between the people of Israel and God since the time of Abraham.

It is mitzvah to subject a Jewish child to the milà on the eighth day of his birth, even if that day falls on Shabbat, a Solemn Feast, or Kippur.

The milà can only be postponed for reasons of the newborn’s health.
Postponed milots and those of children born by caesarean section do not take place on Shabbat and public holidays.

Pidion Ha-Ben

The eldest son was devoted as a first fruit, to the service of the Temple and to the High Priest, who was considered its rightful owner.

When the child had completed the first month, the parents had the duty to redeem him from the hands of the priest by paying a sum equal to the value of “five shekels” (about 100 grams of silver).

The ceremony of the Pidion ha-ben, redemption of the son or “scompro”, according to the popular Roman definition, is performed by a Cohen, as a direct descendant of the priest Aaron.

Zeved Ha-Bat

When a girl is born, the name is affixed to the baby and her blessing is performed with the ceremony of the zeved ha-bat (gift from the daughter).

This ceremony can take place both at home and in the Temple.

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