Jewish Community of Rome

Kiryat Sefer, the city of books, the only Jewish bookshop in Italy is the bookshop of the Jewish Community of Rome.

It is located next to the Synagogue, in the heart of the Jewish quarter.

Inside the room, which also houses the Jewish Culture Center, you can find prayer books for weekdays, Shabbat and Jewish holidays, Torot, Commenti, Midrashim.

All the editorial news on a Jewish theme, from fiction to Italian and Israeli non-fiction. Textbooks on philosophy, Jewish history, Jewish cookery books in Italian and English, children’s books and CDs of traditional Jewish music of the Italian, Sephardic and Ashkenazi rite are available.

In the bookshop, presentations of books are held cyclically with the presence of the author and lessons on various Jewish topics.

kiryat sefer
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