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How to get

Find out how to reach the former Ghetto area and the Jewish Community of Rome

Where to sleep

A selection of possibilities where you can stay in compliance with Jewish rules

Where to eat

Discover the kosher restaurants with the teudà of the Jewish Community of Rome


We offer you a series of places to visit and Jewish events

to pray

What to do and where to go to be able to pray in Rome


What to do in case of need or danger

How to get there

From the “Leonardo da Vinci” airport of Fiumicino, the fastest way to get to the center of Rome, with a journey time of only 31 minutes, is the “Leonardo Express” train which connects the airport with the Roma Termini station without intermediate stops. the main hub of the Rome underground network.

The cheapest solution is, instead, to use one of the various direct bus services, which however are subject to traffic which makes journey times uncertain.

The official taxis of the Municipality of Rome are white, with the word “TAXI” on the roof and the symbol of the Municipality of Rome and the license number clearly visible on the counters.

You will find taxis both at the arrivals of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

The fare to reach the area of ​​the former Ghetto, central Rome, or inside the Aurelian Walls is €48.00.

If you intend to reach Fiumicino airport by taxi from Rome, know that all journeys departing from inside the Grande Raccordo Anulare cannot and must never exceed the amount of 70.00 euros.

Unless you have booked a private transfer, avoid getting into any other vehicle present at the airport exits other than an official taxi. The requested rate could be much higher than the above. Also be wary of the people who offer transport services to the city inside the airport.

For any additional information, this is the website of the airport from which this information is taken:

Further tourist information can be found on the website of the Municipality of Rome dedicated to tourism:

The area of ​​the former Ghetto is served by numerous public transport in particular, in the immediate vicinity you can find buses that take you directly to Termini Station, Trastevere Station, San Pietro etc.. for any updated and detailed information on public transport we advise you to consult the ATAC website directly:

Where to sleep

The Jewish Community of Rome has selected a series of kosher pensions, that is, which are able to provide essential services for those who respect Jewish rules.

Where to eat

Rome, thanks to its 2,000-year-old traditions and the remarkable cultural heritage imported by the Libyan Jews, offers many possibilities for eating kosher.

By clicking on the links below you can choose the one that will surely suit you.

What see


Currently in progress at the Jewish Museum in Rome.

Retracing, through art, the birth of the State of Israel and its deep bond with Italy, which was strongly revealed thanks to the cultural ferment that characterized our country in the post-war period.

With this objective, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the proclamation of the State of Israel, the Jewish Community of Rome and the Foundation for the Jewish Museum of Rome, in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, inaugurate the exhibition “Rome 1948 – Italian art towards Israel”, curated by Davide Spagnoletto and Giorgia Calò, open to the public from 27 April to 10 October 2023.

Jewish Museum of Rome

Rome is full of things to see, a lifetime would not be enough to discover all the places that the Eternal City offers.

Here we limit ourselves to pointing out those of Jewish interest.

First of all, we suggest not to miss a visit to the Jewish Museum of Rome.
The Museum offers:

  • guided tours that include seven exhibition halls and two synagogues;
  • visits with audio guide;
  • guided tours of the former Ghetto area
  • educational workshops for children
  • programs for schools

Holocaust Museum Foundation

It is located in the area of ​​the former Ghetto, a few steps from the Community and always offers very interesting exhibitions on the theme of the Shoah

Where to pray

There are numerous solutions where you can pray in Rome but the most suggestive is the synagogue of the Tempio Maggiore.

The tourist who wants to participate in the prayers is required to register and send a request to participate using the form below.

For security reasons for accessing the synagogue for prayers, it is necessary to have your passport or identity document with you.

For Shabat, on the other hand, send an email, by 2.00 pm on Friday, to with the following indications:

  • Day and time of access
  • Synagogue you want to access
  • scan of passport or identity document


In case of danger in Rome, call the Single European Number for emergencies 112.

You will be connected to the appropriate emergency service: Police, Carabinieri, Doctor or Fire Brigade.

In case of difficulty and need to contact your reference embassy, ​​below is a useful link with all the embassies present in Rome.

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