Jewish Community of Rome

The Jewish Community of Rome

The Jewish Community of Rome is a non-profit organization that arranges and provides a range of services to its members.

The structure of the C.E.R. comprises a Council (assembly) consisting of 27 members, directly elected by the members of the C.E.R. every 4 years. The Council appoints the President of the Community and the Giunta (executive), which consists of 9 members. All members have the opportunity to participate in the Council meetings as auditors, but without the right to speak.

The Consultative body of the C.E.R. is the Consulta, which is partly elected directly by the members every 4 years and partly represented by a Consultor from each Jewish association recognized by the C.E.R.

Anyone registered with the C.E.R. can participate in the Consulta meetings and express opinions, but without the right to vote. The President of the Consulta attends all Council meetings, with the right to speak but not to vote.”

<b>Chief Rabbi:</b> Rabbi Riccardo Shemuel Di Segni

Chief Rabbi: Rabbi Riccardo Shemuel Di Segni

Born in Rome in 1949. Continuing an ancient tradition, he associates the exercise of the medical profession (as a radiologist, director of a department of a large Roman public hospital) with rabbinical activity. He obtained his rabbinical title from the Collegio Rabbino Italiano in 1973, where he has continued to teach and which he has directed since 1999. In addition to teaching, he has been active in the field of research, publishing numerous philological studies and three books (the last in Hebrew, Noten ta'am leshevach on the meaning of dietary rules) and in the dissemination of traditional Jewish culture (among 'more with three editions of a Guide to Jewish Dietary Laws). Appointed Chief Rabbi of Rome in November 2001.

<b>President:</b> Ruth Dureghello

President: Ruth Dureghello

Ruth Dureghello was born in Rome on 5 July 1967. Graduated in Law at the University of Rome La Sapienza, after graduation she devoted herself to entrepreneurial activity. Married with two children, in 2015 she led the "For Israel" list in the elections as a candidate for president. She obtained 44.08% of the total votes and on the recommendation of the Council she became the first female president in the history of the Jewish Community of Rome. In the 2016 elections for the renewal of the Council of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, she was the most voted in Italy among all the candidates.
In the 2019 elections, she was reconfirmed president with 48% of the votes, exceeding the 45% threshold to obtain the majority award.


  • Ruben Della Rocca: Vice President and Councilor for Communication Shalom
  • Isacco Uri Bahbout: Cult Assessor
  • Daniela Debach: Schools Advisor
  • Giordana Moscati: Councilor for Culture and ASCER
  • Alberto Ouazana: Councilor for Welfare and Security
  • Raffaele Rubin: Youth Advisor
  • Alessandro Sermoneta: Councilor for Activities of Ghemliut Hasadim between Community and Voluntary Service
  • Antonio Toni Spizzichino: Councilor for Budget and Organization


  • Edoardo Amati: Councilor for Fundraising and International Relations
  • Roberto Di Porto: Sports Councilor
  • Massimo Finzi: Memory Advisor
  • Daniel Funaro: Spokesperson and Institutional Relations
  • Angelo Sed: Tax Advisor
  • Alessandro Luzon: Heritage Co-Assessor


Council Coordinator: Ilan David Barda

  • Piero Bonfiglioli
  • Massimiliano Boni
  • Daniel Federico Coen
  • Daniel Di Porto
  • Manuela Di Porto
  • Claudia Fellus
  • Giorgio Heller
  • Alessandro Luzon
  • Livia Ottolenghi
  • Emanuele Pace
  • Daniela Pavoncello
  • Isaac Tesciuba

Council of the Jewish Community of Rome:

President: Alex Zarfati

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