Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum of Rome tells us about two thousand years of history of the Roman Jewish community, and of its extraordinary bond with the city.

The setting highlights the immortal charm of an ancient religiousness and culture, which is told through 1500 furnishings including Roman silver from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, precious fabrics from all over Europe, illuminated parchments, marbles, casts, vestments and sacred objects, often included in the reconstruction of real scenes of traditional life.

Also included in the educational itinerary, there is an interactive table that allows visitors to virtually stroll through the alleys and streets of the ancient ghetto reconstructed in 3D, before its demolition in 1888. Moreover, the latest addition is an interesting virtual reconstruction of the Ostia Antica Synagogue.

The Jewish Museum of Rome is a place of encounter, of culture, of dialogue and of love for beauty; a unique landmark for discovering traditions, religion, culture and two-thousand-year history of the Roman Jews, belonging to one of the oldest communities in the world.

Admission to the Museum is free for all members of the Jewish Community of Rome.

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